We build relationships.
We translate trust.

Qian lu international helps European companies and individuals to develop business in China.


We help Chinese and Dutch businesses connect, achive business targets and develop long term businessrelationship. Following are main services we do for both markets:


Talent is trasure, they create new opportunities and driven success. We help people go to China to explore and expand business. In the meanwhile, we also help Chinese come to Europe for internships, exchange, shortterm work, business travel. We have successful stories in following industries:

  • Horse Riders/instructors
  • Interior Deisgners
  • DJ’s
  • Consultants


We believe business always start with a travel, you need to find the business yourself. We arrange high efficiency business trip, with valuable business realtionships during the trip. You focus on the business, we handel the rest. We have orgainized following trips for Chinese and European:

  • Customized business travel
  • Business and leisure all in one
  • Family customized trip

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We have helped our client from China and Europe achived business goals. We handel the document and operation work for the trading, we are like a oversea office for clients from far away. We have successfully created value in:

  • Horse Trading between Europe and China
  • Equestrain euipment trading between Europe and China
  • Market research
  • Social Media promotion

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Qian Lu International is consist of pasionate, international background team, always ready to serve you. We have team mebers locates in The Netherland and in China, we aim to make a great platform for Europe and China business people to trust and to achive goals.

Sun Yue

Roos Vervoort

Yang Yue (Yvone)

Ji Gui Na (Max)


Qian Lu International has helped many people past years, here are some stories and reviews from our customers.

Business travel

Ms. Liu Hua Hua, beijing

Qian Lu International Sunny has been my translator and Europe contact for my business for past 3 years, our trip to Germany exhibition, visit suplier factories in Netehrland, belgium and Italy are all organized really well, I dont need to do anything, I just need to focus on business. I’m sure we will continue this partnership for long term future.

Business travel

Mr. Miao,
Gan Su

Qian Lu International made a trip for me, half time search for horses and haldf time travel around, so we have bought horses and also had fun. A great combination trip.

Business travel

Ms. Wang An Li, Xin Jiang

Qian Lu International made me a customized trip for 14 days 4 countries, we also visited posible investment opportuniesties. I should travel to Europe more often.

Business travel

Gan Su Kun He Farm co,.ltd

I have spend one and half month in Netherland, my friend and I had horse riding training, went to France , visites equestrain companies, Qian Lu International has introduced me new friends and connections in Europe.

Business travel

Shan Dong Fu Long livestock Co .ltd.

LQian Lu International organize horse buying trip for me past 3 years, my team member come to europe 4 times per year and our trip is always different and always efficient and good. I’m making friends with local people, which makes the business trip more fun.

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