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Find a agent/distributor in China

We have  huge relation of all industries based on four main city: Wurumuqi , Bei Jing , Shang hai and Cheng du, almost cover all China. We will find the matching Chinese companies in China who willing to be your Agent/distributor! We help your business spread to China and Win-Win cooperate long term with Chinese companies.

Business relation is really importent in China, we could provide recommendation for your Dutch company in China. Tell us what you are looking for ,we will do the research and find you the best match and find relation with it. If you have a target, good! cause we can achieve it with you!

In the meantime, if you want to cooperate with China companies and don’t sure about it. We could find people to visit the company in China and provide you all the information about the company, to make sure you are doing business with the good company, and to make sure your distributor is trustworthy.

Explore Chinese market is a difficult thing, it will be a huge amount of money investment only spend on finding useful information. With a long time living in the Netherlands and China background, we really know what you are looking for.

Because China huge consuming market, your service or product could sell a lot in China. Finding a agent/distributor in China to cooperate with you is the best idea for fast profit gain and least investment.

All the service is customised, you could contact us and we make a plan together for how to reach the final result.

Contact us and make an appointment to talk about the future opportunity, the first of the week appointment will get following information for free:

  • China marketing consulting one hour
  • Your Chinese name in pronunciation and writing
  • Your business card in Chinese (PDF format)
  • Coffee and tea is included