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Our promotion activity is the best solution , why?

We have team all over China
In Beijing , shanghai , chengdu, shan dong, ha er bin, gan su, xin jiang, etc. We have team and contacts who can work on promoting you, your company, your product, your service. You choose us equals to you hired a whole marketing team. Even more amazing, the cost of promotion is low!
A safe way to spend your money
We are registered Dutch company, its our risk to deal with Chinese, it is less risk for entering a new market. It is the most safe way to spend money and get best results.
We make your time more efficiently
China is big, really really big. How long can you or your team stay in China? How far can they travel? Most people do business in Beijing or Shanghai, which is the most competitive places, the cost is high, you compete with companies from all over the world. Our service makes you stay at home and still wont miss any promotion opportunities!

So how does it work?

Check our new promotion activities
We will always have promotion activity going on, check our website you will find them. Join the activity you think is nice. We will have fixed services with fixed price. You pay what you get, and its amazingly simple! Our clients can require for keeping all the left over promotion material for next time use.
Tell us how do you want to promote
We also accept customised promotion activity requests, if our activity doesn't fit your needs, tell us what you want, we together make it work! We will discuss with you about the promotion and negotiate a price for it!
Find fixed promotion points in China!
If you want customers keep growing, choose a fixed promoting point is good. We can contact Chinese company to display your product and promote it the whole time. It is customised monthly subscribe promotion!

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