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opportunities in Nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, biological fertilizer, natural organic fertilizer,compound fertilizer, ecological fertilizer, controlled-release fertilizer, folia fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, bacterial fertilizer, environmental friendly fertilizer, soil amendment, surfactants and biology technologies and products which can improve crops’ quality and increase crops’ production.
1. Pesticide: Insecticide, antiseptic, herbicide, insecticide mixture, rodenticide, nematocide,Acaricide, insect growth regulator, invertebrate poison, algaecide, repellent pesticide, fumigant,biological pesticide and environment-friendly pesticide etc. 2. Pesticide material and formulation/chemical material and intermediate/chemical agent and additive etc. organic chemical, organic intermediate,technological gas, elementary substance, acid,alkaloid, inorganic salt, other inorganic chemical raw material, basic organic chemical raw material. 3. Plant protection machinery, sprayers and so on.
We have plenty opportunities in livestock in North-West China. Interested in Intensive livestock farming,Free-range livestock farming,Organic livestock farming,Sustainable livestock farming,Quality marks for organic and free-range produce, etc.
Facility agriculture
China is expanding green house amount, but quality and technique needs to improve, Agricultural facilities, greenhouse material, gardening equipment, seedling container such as drying plates, greenhouse skeleton structure, walking sprinkler, ecological instrument, thermal insulation, ventilation fan and cooling pad, greenhouse electric heater and other advanced technology and products about facility agriculture.
Intrested in processing, packaging and coating equipments of seeds & seedlings, new species and techniques of seeds
Machinery Equipment
Field machinery, transportation machinery, water saving irrigation equipment, cotton machine, power machinery, forestry machinery, Plant protection machinery, sprayer.

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