The 9th China Horse Fair in Bei Jing, China

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The 9th China Horse Fair in Bei Jing, China

China Horse Fair is a 3 day event being held from 14th October to the 16th October 2015 at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China. Qian Lu International has participate this event.
This event showcases products like Horse feed & nutrition, veterinary supplies & equipment, animal welfare and rehabilitation facilities., Horse related equipment e.g. Saddles, tack etc., transportation equipment & services., Equestrian, polo, racing and specialist horse sports and leisure facilities suppliers, Horse racing/Polo/Equestrian clubs, riding schools, horse training centers; equine tourism provider etc. in the Industrial Products industry.



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Although gambling is not currently allowed in mainland China, horse racing activities particularly this year are developing.

The Chinese Equestrian Association and Hong Kong Jockey Club signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the press conference which took place yesterday (9th September) in Beijing.  In the next five years, the Hong Kong Jockey Club will provide horse racing competitions organised by the Chinese Equestrian Association with professional technique support.  The Hong Kong Jockey Club will help to amend the rules to suit the development of the competitions and the Hong Kong Jockey Club will support the Chinese Equestrian Association to develop the horse racing market in China and increase the international awareness of these competitions.

CECF Horse Racing Festival launched three years ago by China Horse Club is going to take place for the fourth time at 19th September in Wuhan Orient Horse City International Racing Court. The festival is a horse racing competition with no horse gambling.  It is for the first time for the China Horse Club and Orient Lucky Horse Group will organise the Festival together.

Leading clubs in China, such as Rider Horses and China Horse Club, are starting to purchase high quality horses to participate horse racing competitions overseas. ‘Mongolia Khan’ from Rider Horses and ‘Alpina’ & ‘Dissident’ from China Horse Club won the champions in New Zealand and Australia this year, which will encourage more and more local clubs to purchase high quality racing horses and participate at competitions internationally.

Qian Lu International based in Xin Jiang, we have connection with NorthWest Horse Owner, Horse racing stadium and experienced horse breeder. We are looking for horse related industry business partner. We could bring Chinese horse buyers and business travel clients. 

Following are some photos of Sunny from Qian Lu International in the Horse Event.

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Qian Lu International also visited a stable in Bei Jing, following are some photos.

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