FREE Social Media service for early birds!

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FREE Social Media service for early birds!

Qian Lu International team is ready for listening to your stories!

If you are interested in China market, if you want to build up your Chinese potential client, you need to build relationship with them now. Tell them your story and win trust.

We provide Social Media administration service in Chinese to China market for Dutch individuals, companies and social medias, etc. As you all know 🙂

In 2016, we provide first 100 individual, companies one article per week to tell your story or introduce your company to our Chinese subscriber. This service is free!  but of course, we will first check the information you provide.

After the first 100 individual or company, the price is 99 euro per month for this service. So, react fast to be the early birds!  This activity is valid for the whole 2016 years, so the earlier the more service you could get from us!

If you are the lucky and the smart one, which means you are one of our Social Media customer. We will provide following services:

  • get your article every week in email and translate to Chinese
  • put the article with your contact info on our social media platform(Wechat, Weibo, Q-Zone,etc)
  • 10 pictures are included and one audio with only text translation is included
  • send you the link when your article is posted
  • send you feedback information from Chinese audience